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Many of the tracks I have produced over the years can be traced back to a friendship that began in March of 1985. I had recently met new recruit Zak Martel, and after discussing our shared love of music, he mentioned that he had a small music studio at home. At the time, Zak was making electro funk/bass style tracks for a well known DJ in the Miami Club scene. Making music had been something I pursued a few years earlier, and I had developed some knowledge of how music studios were run, but music had always come second to my training. In time, my interest in production returned, and I began to produce tracks with Zak, and eventually on my own.

Having no intentions of playing my songs anywhere outside of my own workouts, I mistakenly left a tape in the stereo after finishing training one day. Early the next morning, I made the journey into Miami from where I was staying in West Palm Beach. After arriving, I realised that my tape was playing, and members began to ask about the tracks they had been working out to all morning. Listening to the positive reaction, I decided to continue making music, even working together with other members to make songs for their classes and sessions. That was how music became such a key part of life for us. Having a connection through our music helped to strengthen our bonds, and advance our training.

Sidestepping the electro funk/bass sound somewhat, in the late 80s and early 90s I tended to produce songs closer to what I had heard from Detroit, and as far as Europe. Part of this was due to a friend I had in the UK, who would send me new music that was gaining momentum overseas. After visiting the UK in 1992 and experiencing this music for myself, I returned to Miami, went straight to Zak's studio, and recorded the three songs featured in this EP.

- Brian 'The Body' Todd


released November 4, 2015

Produced and Mixed by Brian 'The Body' Todd for the Miami Health Spa™



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Miami Health Spa™ Miami, Florida


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